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Invest in Cryptomining

Don’t miss a Business Oportunity of 203,26% annual profitability with Bitcoin mining and other cryptocurrencies. Return on investment in 6 month!

Download our Business Plan and if you’re interested, contact us!

What we offer?

Our facilities

The facilities are located in Siberia using Renewable and cheap hydroelectricity.

Safe investment

Mining in different cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCH LTC, etc.) We offer a low risk investment.

Let's talk about numbers

203,26% profitability
Loan repayment - 6 months

How will we proceed?

Phase I - Completed

Initiation. We purchase a total of 25 machines. We tested, evaluated and started-up on March 18, 2019.

Phase II - Completed

Consolidation. Purchase of 275 machines on May 31, 2019. Forecast for delivery and start of mining in July.

Phase III - Ongoing

Search of investors. We want to buy machines worth 400,000€. We sell 30 participations worth 13,333€ each.

An investment for you

It is a simple business, no need to worry about sales, or marketing, or staff, this does not mean high infrastructure costs.

The only expense to have in consideration is the cost of electricity, but this expense is compensated thanks to the high ROI (return on investment). However, obtaining a low electricity cost is not available to everyone, so there is not much competition in the sector.


Our Team

Alexander Zhalnin Kochetova


He will be in charge of public relations (investors), administration and maintenance of the mining plant through his supervision.

Sergio Dudarev​

Expert in Cryptocurrencies

He will be in charge of the initial installation and set up of remote production and maintenance, otherwise he will be responsible for deciding the different cryptocurrencies to be mined depending on the market situation.


Absolutely not. It is the best time, the number of transactions with cryptocurrencies is increasing and the miners are necessary to carry them out.

Is it safe to invest in this project?

We do not want to cheat anyone, you have our business plan at your disposal. We have calculated in detail the Cost / Benefit of the project